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Fees per sessions! Not hours and minutes…

The process of repairing a relationship cannot be captured in hours and minutes. This is the reason, I don’t work on the basis of hours and minutes. I work on the basis of sessions.

My sessions last at least 90 minutes and longer if necessary. How much longer? Actually, I honestly don’t care how much longer. I do care about having achieved something valuable for your relationship each session. I care about you having made the next step in restoring your relationship. I want you and your partner to finish each session with a satisfied feeling and the courage to further build upon your relationship.

All fees include 21% VAT.

EFT Couples Counselling sessions

  • Fee per session: € 140,-
  • Number of sessions: by agreement. Depending on the couple, the number of sessions varies between 8 and 15.
  • 1 follow-up session

Read more about Emotionally Focused Therapy sessions.

Intensive Couples Counselling Programme

  • Fee per couple: € 1.560,-
  • 1 intake session
  • Number of sessions: 11 (spread over about 6 months)
  • 1 follow-up session

Read more about Intensive Couples Counselling Programme.

‘Hold me tight’ Course

  • Fee private course: € 840,- per couple
  • Fee group course: € 575,- per couple
  • Number of meetings: 8
  • 1 follow-up session

Read more about the private course or the group course.

Relationship Crisis Intervention

  • Fee Crisis Intervention: € 320,-

Read more about the Relationship Crisis Intervention.

Sessions in the evening or during the weekend

I am also available in the evening (after 18:00) or during the weekend. There is an additional cost for these sessions. A supplement of € 20,- per session applies for sessions in the evening. A supplement of € 30,- per session applies for sessions during the weekend.

Sessions at home

In some cases I may come to your home. This entails some prerequisites. The situation at your home should be such that we can work well in a private atmosphere without being distracted or disturbed. A supplement of € 30,- per session applies for sessions at home.

Practical information

After the first session you will receive an invoice for the service you have selected. If you have used evening or weekend sessions, the applicable supplements are charged later per invoice.

I work on the basis of appointments. Appointments that have been made are binding. Cancelling an appointment is always possible but please let me know at least 48 hours in advance so that I can plan another couple.

If you still have questions about the fees, feel free to contact me. This can be done by phone or per email.

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