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ervaren EFT Relatietherapeut
Reginald Markes

As experienced couples counsellor and EFT therapist I support couples with a safe and compassionate form of couples counselling or therapy. This happens in a way that encourages understanding and emotional healing. My style is humorous, positive, empathetic, and respectful to all personal norms, values, and ways of life.

I treat you like the beautiful, complete and perfect people you are, with your  own set of qualities and vulnerabilities, and your own unique background. In my eyes, you are not damaged or broken. I have no need to evaluate you, pigeonhole you, or repair you.

During my sessions I create an atmosphere of openness, authenticity, and honesty. In this atmosphere partners find it is easier to say their piece. My counselling is tailor-made. I is adjusted to precisely fit the needs of every specific couple. Everyone is welcome…

I am registered at EFT Netherland and ICEEFT.

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